Housing, Community Development and Human Services

Public Housing

The Department of Housing manages and maintains 336 public housing residences in accord with policies of the Town Council and the federal government.

The Department of Housing Offices at 317 Caldwell Street Extension are open from 8:30 to 5 pm on weekdays other than holidays.

A Housing and Community Development Advisory Board appointed by the Town Council advises the Town Council on these matters.

For more information, please call 968-2850.

For after-hours maintenance emergencies, please call 968-2855.

Other Housing and Community Development Programs for Low-income Families

For information on additional programs to assist low-income families, including Chapel Hill’s Community Development program and the Orange County HOME program funded with federal grants, please call the Planning Department at 968-2728 or 682-8636, ext. 2728.

  Human Services

The Town supports several human services agencies through performance agreements approved as part of the Council's budget process in the spring. 

The Town also provides crisis intervention services to help citizens cope with emergency situations as discussed above under police services.

For more information on human services available in the Chapel Hill area, please call the Town's Human Services Coordinator at 968-2760 or check the list of community service agencies in the Southern Bell phone book.

 Fair Housing

The Town has an ordinance prohibiting housing discrimination. For information, or to make a complaint if you feel you have been discriminated against, please call the Town's Human Services Coordinator at 968-2760.

 Orange County has a civil rights ordinance based on federal law which requires non-discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodations such as restaurants, etc. For more information, please call the County government at 967-9251. (ext. 2250).