Chapel Hill Town Council



MEETING DATE: October 23, 2006


TITLE:  The County Master Aging Plan Update and Preliminary Goals and Objectives


DEPARTMENT:  Aging/MAP Task Force



  1. Proposed Outline and Theme
  2. Proposed Bill of Rights for Older Persons
  3. Preliminary MAP Goals and Objectives 
  4. Active Living for Older Adults-ICMA    
  5. Input Sheet


 MAP Task Force Co-Chairs- Pat Sprigg

                    Florence Soltys

County Dept on Aging Dir.- Jerry Passmore



PURPOSE:    To present to the Town Council progress on the County Master Aging Planning and

request comments/suggestions on preliminary M.A.P. goals and objectives for 2007-2011 and the overall preliminary report.  On November 14, 2006 the final M.A.P. report will be submitted to the County Board of Commissioners for approval.


INFORMATION: At the request of the Orange County Advisory Board on Aging, the Orange County Board of Commissioners approved on June 23, 2005 updating the Master Aging Plan (M.A.P.) for the years 2006-2010.  On October 18, 2005 the Board of County Commissioners approved the recommended M.A.P. Task Force charge, structure, membership and time frame – including the designation of two commissioner board members, Barry Jacobs and Alice Gordon, to serve on the Steering Committee.  The MA.P. Steering Committee was formed and guided the activities of the three subcommittees charged with identifying specific issues of the elderly, and developing goals, objectives and strategies to accomplish them.


During spring and summer of 2006 the M.A. P. Steering Committee, co-chaired by Pat Sprigg and Florence Soltys met along with three functional subcommittees: (1) Well/Fit Older Adult, (2) Disabled /Moderately Impaired Older Adult and (3) the Severely Impaired /Institutionalized Older Adult  and four identified broad issues subgroups (Information/Access, Housing, Transportation and Transitional Care)   to finalize goals, objectives and strategies.  The M.A.P. Leadership team (consisting of the facilitators of all the subgroups) met to finalize goals, objectives and strategies for administration/planning and legislative/advocacy that would be included in the M.A.P. report.


On August 24, 2006 the M.A.P. Steering Committee recommended the BOCC approve the M.A.P. report outline, the MAP theme “Developing Aging-Friendly Communities in Orange”, the development of an Orange County Bill of Rights for Older Persons and preliminary goals, objectives and strategies (attachments-#1,#2,#3). On September 19th, the BOCC reviewed and approved of the M.A.P. report outline (including theme, Bill of Rights) and the preliminary goals, objectives and strategies in order to receive public input during the month of October.  The M.A.P. Steering Committee (in partnership with the Aging Advisory Board) will hold public presentation meetings. At the end of the public comment period, the M.A.P. Steering Committee will meet again to review all public comments for M.A.P. report changes.  The final MAP report will be submitted to the BOCC on November 14 for approval.


FINANCIAL IMPACT:   None at this time.


RECOMMENDATION:   Board of Aldermen should accept the report as information and submit any recommendations on the preliminary report – its bill of rights for older persons and its goals and objectives for 2007-2011. (Attached input form)