AGENDA #13a(3)




TO:                  Mayor and Town Council


FROM:            Council Member Cam Hill


SUBJECT:      Petition to Form Downtown Parking Citizens’ Committee


DATE:            April 10, 2006


Parking in Downtown Chapel Hill has been an increasing source of concern for residents and business owners in recent years.  The situation should be studied; to that end, I propose that the Council form a citizens’ committee to analyze the current situation, anticipate future needs, and offer strategies and remedies, if needed.  Specifically, the committee should address the following aspects:

The committee would be most effective if composed of a cross-section of the community –ndash; citizens who work, shop, and play downtown, business owners, property managers, traffic specialists and Council members.  I propose that the Council appoint a citizen’s committee to be selected by our last meeting in June and start work in the fall. In addition the Council should develop a specific charge for this committee.