May 11, 2006 11:00a.m







TO:                 Town of Chapel Hill Town Council


FROM:           Horace Williams Citizens Committee


SUBJECT:    Scope of Work: Foundation Environmental Study for the Horace Williams Property


DATE:           May 10, 2006


We recommend to the Council that integral to the planning of the Horace Williams property, a detailed baseline assessment of the current environmental conditions of the property and the surrounding areas be conducted. We envision the baseline assessment would include the following components:


The attached table (Attachment 1) outlines the scope of work for these areas of study, the expected benefits/outcomes of these studies and identifies any existing resources that can be used for each of these areas of study.    For example, the study of the Upper Cape Fear Basin completed in 2004 by the State’s Ecosystem Enhancement Program lays the groundwork for water quality and the management of stream health for Bolin Creek and Crow Branch.  Relying on respected existing studies will reduce the scope and costs of such an assessment.


The results from these investigations and activities could then be compiled into a final comprehensive report that can be used to guide the development of Carolina North and benchmark the development against this baseline through planned routine monitoring.  Example applications include:





1.      Environmental Baseline Study: Table outlining Scope of Work