Whereas,  W. Calvin Horton will retire as Town Manager on September 1, 2006, after seventeen years of service to the people of Chapel Hill; and

Whereas,  Cal began his service with the Town in June 1989 as Public Safety Director, and was appointed Town Manager in July 1990; and

Whereas,  during that time, Chapel Hill has been nationally recognized for its professional management leadership, quality public services, and excellent quality of life; and

Whereas,  Cal has been recognized by his colleagues in the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) for his leadership skills and is an ICMA Credentialed Manager; and

Whereas,  Cal has served as president of the North Carolina City/County Management Association; and

Whereas,  Cal has maintained a high level of integrity, ethics, and intellectual honesty in his work and communications with the Town Council, citizens, and Town staff; and

Whereas,  Cal has set the standard for Town employees to provide excellent and responsive customer service; and

Whereas,  Cal has instructed employees to treat all people with dignity and respect, and that employees provide services to citizens in a manner that is fair, effective, efficient, and quick; and

Whereas,  Cal has been a champion and advocate for Town employees, and has treated them with dignity and respect;and

Whereas,  the Chapel Hill Town Council has relied on the Manager’s valuable advice and wise counsel over many years; and

Whereas,  Cal has effectively managed the Town’s involvement with such major projects as UNC-Master Plan, Office and Institutional-4 zoning, Meadowmont, Southern Village, the Town Operations Center, Homestead Park, and Downtown Streetscape improvements; and

Whereas,  the professionalism, preparation and follow-up, and dedication of the Manager and his staff have been illuminated during times of trouble, such as Hurricane Fran in 1996, the 2002 Ice Storm, and other emergencies; and during times of community joy, including NCAA Basketball Championships and other celebrations; and

Whereas,  Cal has brought energy, enthusiasm, and good humor to his job and set a standard for excellence for work and encouraged his staff to strive for excellence in their work; and

Whereas,  the entire Town and its citizens, the staff, and past and present members of the Town Council have appreciated, benefited from, and relied on Cal’s hard work and professionalism.

Now, Therefore, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF CHAPEL HILL that the Council, on behalf of all Town citizens, expresses our sincere gratitude and admiration for years of outstanding service by proclaiming the year 2006 as

W. Calvin Horton Year

In the Town of Chapel Hill.



Mayor Kevin C. Foy

Mayor pro tem Bill Strom

Council Member Laurin Easthom

Council Member Sally Greene

Council Member Ed Harrison

Council Member Cam Hill

Council Member Mark Kleinschmidt

Council Member Bill Thorpe

Council Member Jim Ward