Roger L. Stancil, Town Manager




Kay Johnson, Finance Director




Town Budget Process




November 20, 2006



The Town Manager appointed a staff task force to review the Town budget process.  The Manager charged the task force with compiling feedback and recommendations from citizens, Council and staff.  This memorandum summarizes the recommendations for improvements to the Town budget process. 




As Chair of the Budget Process Task Force, I worked with the Manager and staff to design a process to review and seek suggestions on improvements to the Town’s budget process for the upcoming budget cycle and for longer-term enhancements to the process.  Tim Dempsey served as a facilitator throughout the process.  Tim and I interviewed small groups of Council members to hear their insights into the budget process.  A staff task force including representatives from public safety, other large departments, development, leisure and internal services provided additional insight into the budget process, as did Town Management.  We held a combined meeting with the Council, Manager and staff task force to review the combined findings on October 25, 2006.  A Pubic Forum on the budget process was held on November 6.


The process was designed to proceed quickly, so that revisions to the process could be put in place for 2007-08 budget development. However, since the budget process is iterative, the process is open to additional improvements for the current year and future years, as Council desires.  Our goal is to evaluate the process each year, so that we can learn from our experience and continuously improve.


The Council has endorsed the following recommendations.


Recommendations and Comments

Other Recommendations


  1. The Planning Group will continue to meet in order to make recommendations for the Council Retreat.
  2. Review Council budget preparation calendar.