Roger L. Stancil, Town Manager




J.B. Culpepper, Planning Director


Gene Poveromo, Development Coordinator




Concept Plan:  University Station




February 19, 2007





Attached is a proposal for Concept Plan review for the University Station proposal. The Council has the opportunity tonight to hear this applicant’s presentation, receive a set of comments from the Community Design Commission, hear public comments, and offer suggestions to the applicant for consideration as further plans are drawn.  At the conclusion of the evening’s discussion, we recommend that the Council adopt a resolution (attached) transmitting comments to the applicant.




The multi-family proposal involves construction of seventeen buildings for a residential development between I-40 and Weaver Dairy Road (see area map - Attachment 3). The proposed project proposes 374 dwelling units with approximately 374,000 square feet of floor area. The proposal also includes 820 parking spaces. Access to the site is proposed from Weaver Dairy Road and Old University Station Road. The 42.64-acre site is located in the Mixed Use Office/Institutional-1 (MU-OI-1) and Residential-3 (R-3) zoning districts, and the Resource Conservation District.


The Land Use Plan, a component of the Comprehensive Plan, identifies a portion of the site as Medium Density Residential (4-8 units/acre), and the remaining portion as Mixed Use, Office Emphasis. The property is located within the Town limits and the Town Urban Service Area.  The property is located in Orange County and is identified as Orange County Parcel Identifier Number 9880-56-2680.


A Concept Plan for this site was reviewed by the Community Design Commission on October 25, 2006. A summary of comments from the meeting is attached (Attachment 1).




The Town Council and Community Design Commission, in examining development applications, are to consider the various aspects of design, with special emphasis on whether the proposed development is consistent with the Town’s Design Guidelines, and with the Goals and Objectives of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.


The proposal reviewed by the Community Design Commission is identical to the proposal before the Council tonight. 


The Concept Plan review process does not involve staff evaluation of the proposal.  Review of the Concept Plan submitted is conducted by the Community Design Commission and, in some instances, the Town Council.




We recommend that the Council review this Concept Plan, receive comments from citizens, and adopt a resolution transmitting comments to the applicant.



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