Mayor and Town Council


Roger L. Stancil, Town Manager


Applications for Land Use Management Ordinance Text Amendment, a Zoning Atlas Amendment, and the Greenbridge Special Use Permit


February 26, 2007




Before the Council tonight are three applications:


The purpose of this cover memorandum is to forward the Town Managerís recommendations to the Council for the above applications. †Please refer to the three accompanying memorandums for additional information on this matter.




I have reviewed and discussed the key issues with Town staff. Based on the information in the record to date, I believe that the Council could make the findings required to approve: 1) the application for a text amendment to the Land Use Management Ordinance; 2) the request for a Zoning Atlas Amendment; and 3) the application for a Special Use Permit.


The Town Managerís preliminary recommendation is that the Council: 1) enact an Ordinance to amend the text of the Land Use Management Ordinance, to create a Town Center-3 (TC-3) zoning district; 2) enact an Ordinance, approving the request for a Zoning Atlas Amendment to rezone the proposed Greenbridge site from Town Center-2 (TC-2) to Town Center-3 (TC-3); and 3) adopt Revised Resolution A, approving the Greenbridge Special Use Permit application.