Mayor and Town Council


Roger L. Stancil, Town Manager


Public Hearing: Proposed Town-Initiated Zoning Atlas Amendment for a Moratorium in the Northern Area


May 7, 2007


Tonight, the Council holds a Public Hearing regarding a proposed Zoning Atlas Amendment to enact a temporary moratorium on development within the Northern Study Area of Chapel Hill, excluding that portion of the area in the Joint Planning Transition Area (Map 1).  The ordinance would apply to Rezoning applications, Special Use Permit applications, Major Subdivision applications and Site Plan Review applications.

Tonight’s Public Hearing has been scheduled to receive evidence in support of and in opposition to approval of the proposal.  The purpose of this cover memorandum is to forward my preliminary recommendation to the Council.


I agree with the staff’s preliminary recommendation that a moratorium is an appropriate action to maintain the development status quo during the time required for the Task Force to provide recommendations and for the Council to consider and enact any changes to the Comprehensive Plan, the Design Guidelines and/or the Land Use Management Ordinance which may result from the work of the Task Force. I agree that such a process could be completed by the end of January 2008.