Mayor and Council


Rogers Road Small Area Plan Task Force:

Mayor Pro Tem Bill Strom (Co-Chair)

Council Member Mark Kleinschmidt (Co-Chair)

Bonnie Norwood

Robert Dowling

Susan Levy, James Stroud

Tom Tucker

Ruby Sinreich

Laura Wenzel

Delores Bailey

Neloa Barbee Jones

Barbara Hopkins

Robert Campbell

Timothy Peppers


Interim Report


June 21, 2007

Tonight we present to you an interim report.   Following a community open house in December 2006, the Rogers Road Small Area Plan Task Force was formed and began meeting in February 2007. The Task Force has met six times holding a meeting on the second Thursday in the month.  

As you know, the charge of the Task Force is to take a more detailed look at the impacts of providing public services in the study area, especially the extension of sanitary sewer, and the impacts of developing an affordable housing site on the Greene Tract.

The Task Force has been reviewing background information about existing conditions and infrastructure of the study area in order to establish a vision for the future. To date the Task Force has focused on how to improve facilities for existing residents in association with planning for future development of the study area.

The interim report includes a conceptual sanitary sewer network to serve existing property in the study area. The concept was developed with the assistance of OWASA staff. The report also includes conceptual options for a road network to open up and connect the neighborhood.

Keeping the neighborhood affordable is the key issue from the work so far. How to get sanitary sewer and additional road access to the neighborhood without causing financial hardship to existing residents? Who should pay for these facilities and how should they be paid for? The Task Force recommends the development of action plans to address these matters. The Task Force believes that the development of housing on the Greene Tract ought not proceed without providing current residents of the neighborhood the opportunity to be served by sanitary sewer.

We recommend that the Council receive and refer this interim report to the Board of County Commissioners, the Carrboro Board of Aldermen and the OWASA Board of Directors concerning the provision of sanitary sewer and refer the report to the Board of County Commissioners concerning additional road access.

We recommend that the Town Manager be authorized to work with the staff of Orange County, the Town of Carrboro and the OWASA to draw up action plans and proposals for the provision of these facilities.


1.      Interim Report (begin new page 1) [PDF version also available.].