July 24, 2007

Chapel Hill Wayfinding (a working document)


Definition of Wayfinding

“The Strategies that people use to find their way in familiar or new settings, based on their perceptual and cognitive abilities and habits.”[1]


“Wayfinding encompasses all of the ways in which people orient themselves in physical space and navigate from place to place”[2]


Potential Components of a Wayfinding Plan


Community Benefits to Improved Signs


Economic Benefits to Improved Signs


Role or Purpose of the Wayfinding Task Force

The purpose of the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership Wayfinding Task Force is to develop a collaborative, comprehensive directional plan that will shepherd visitors to our town and University attractions in an effort to improve the visitor experience.   Highway signage, route markers, gateway identification, parking locators, district kiosks, and attraction identification will all be considered as a part of this plan.


Representatives on the Task Force







Linda Convissor

Director of Local Relations

UNC – Office of University Relations

(919) 962-9245


Rick Steinbacher

Assoc. Athletic Dir. - Marketing & Prom

UNC Athletics

(919) 962-6000


Michael Johnson


UNC Carolina Performing Arts



Jill Coleman

Landscape Architect

UNC facilities Planning

(919) 843-3246


Jeff Hill

Director of Marketing

UNC Morehead Planetarium


Karen Kornegay

PR Manager

UNC Morehead Planetarium

(919) 843-7952


Sandy Roberts

Information & Communication Spec II

UNC Visitors Center

(919) 962-1993


Gary Hampton


UNC Hospitals Plant Engineering

(919) 966-5211


Laurie Paolicelli

Executive Director

Chapel Hill Orange County Visitors Center

(919) 968-2064


Aaron Nelson

President & CEO

Chapel Hill Carrboro Chamber of Commerce

(919) 967-7075 X 23


Kumar Neppalli

Transportation Engineer

Town of Chapel Hill

(919) 969-5093


Catherine Lazorko

Information Officer

Town of Chapel Hill

(919) 969-5055


Mark Aldridge

Orange Count Representative



Liz Parham

Executive Director

Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership

(919) 967-9440





[1] Wayfinding:  People, Signs & Architecture  by Romedi Passini

[2] Wikipedia - Wayfinding