TO:                  Mayor and Town Council

FROM:            Roger L. Stancil, Town Manager  

SUBJECT:      Concept Plan:  Old Chapel Professional Center, 5620 Old Chapel Hill Road
(File No. 9799-02-99-7099)

DATE:            November 17, 2008


Tonight, the Council considers a Concept Plan from Summit Consulting for Old Chapel Professional Center. The applicant is proposing a clinic building with 6,600 square feet of floor area, an office building with 12,600 square feet of floor area, and 65 parking spaces. In accordance with the Land Use Management Ordinance, there has been no staff review of this Concept Plan.

The attached memorandum for the Concept Plan proposal includes background information on the Concept Plan process, the applicant’s materials, and additional related information. 


We recommend that the Council consider the Concept Plan, and adopt the attached Resolution transmitting comments to the applicant. Nothing stated by individual Council members this evening can be construed as an official position or commitment on the part of a Council member with respect to the position they may take when and if a formal application for development is subsequently submitted and comes before the Council for formal consideration.