to:                  Mayor and Town Council

from:            Gene Poveromo, Town of Chapel Hill Development Manager

                        Mary Jane Nirdlinger, University of North Carolina Land Use Planner

subject:       January 28, 2004 Horace Williams Citizen Committee Report (2004 HWCC) with annotated cross reference to the draft Carolina North Development Agreement

date:             April 8, 2009



Attached to this cover memorandum is a copy of the January 28, 2004 Horace Williams Citizen Committee Report (2004 HWCC) with annotated cross reference (216 KB pdf) [noted as yellow highlighted italic text] to the draft Carolina North Development Agreement.    The 2004 HWCC report included a series of recommended principals, goals and strategies for the development of the Horace Williams Property (aka Carolina North).   The 2004 HWCC report was drafted in response to the 2004 plan for Carolina North.  Since 2004, the University has developed a new plan for Carolina North. /agendas/2008/11/18/background/

The new Carolina North plan is the subject of current discussions between the Town Council and the University Board of Trustees. As part of these ongoing discussions, the Town of Chapel Hill/University of North Carolina Joint Staff Working Group cross referenced the goals and strategies in the 2004 HWCC report with the documents (identified in the last paragraph of this memorandum) associated with the proposed Carolina North project.

The cross reference annotations in the attached 2004 HWCC report attempt to identify where the ideas and concepts from the 2004 HWCC report are considered in the proposed Carolina North Development Agreement. While each specific goal or strategy in the 2004 HWCC report may not be repeated word for word in the proposed Development Agreement, the content of the referenced annotations attempts to reflect a consistent effort to respond to the ideas and concepts of the 2004 HWCC report. 

The documents cross referenced in the 2004 HWWC report include:

  1. the updated Carolina North plan submitted by the University on October 31, 2008
  2. the draft Development Agreement (pdf)
  3. the draft Land Use Management Ordinance Text Amendment (pdf) and;
  4. the Fiscal Impact Analysis (pdf)