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Meeting Date: 6/15/2009

Title of Agenda Item: Proposed Downtown Streetscape Master Plan Revisions (R-1)

Background: On June 27, 2007, the Council authorized the Manager to contract with Mikyoung Kim Design to make revisions to the Streetscape Master Plan.  In April of this year, the Town received the latest draft of the proposed Master Plan revisions.  At tonight's Public Hearing, Mikyoung Kim will present the proposed revisions, which will complete the scope of work currently under contract with the Town.

The remaining phases of design work  include preparation of a schematic plan and approximate cost estimate for a selected section of downtown Streetscape. The area recommended for the pilot project is on both sides of West Rosemary Street between Mitchell Lane and Nunn Alley. Once the schematic plan has been authorized by the Town, more detailed construction drawings and specifications will be prepared for that section as well as schematic designs for remaining Streetscape sections where improvements have not yet been implemented.

Fiscal Note: Of the $250,000 authorized by the Council for Streetscape design work, $100,000 has been expended for the Master Plan revisions, leaving $150,000 available for the next phases of design work.  The total remaining balance of Streetscape bond funds available for improvement projects is approximately $1,240,000.  Cost estimates for these specific projects will be developed as detailed plans are prepared.

Recommendations: The Council will consider a resolution to incorporate the revisions to the Downtown Streetscape Master Plan into the Town's Comprehensive Plan and to authorize the Town Manager to contract with Mikyoung Kim Design for additional design services.

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