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Meeting Date: 6/22/2009

Title of Agenda Item:  Carolina North Development Proposal: a) Land Use Management Ordinance Text Amendment creating the University-1 (U-1) Zoning District; b) Zoning Atlas Amendment to rezone a portion of the Horace Williams Tract to the University-1 (U-1) zoning district; c) Carolina North Development Agreement.  (O-13) (O-14) (O-15) (R-15)

Background: This is a continuation from May 11 and June 15, 2009 Public Hearings associated with the preparation of a new zoning district, a zoning map amendment (rezoning) and a Development Agreement for the initial phase of Carolina North. Three ordinances associated with this proposal are attached for the Council’s consideration.
  • An ordinance (Land Use Management Ordinance Text Amendment) creating the University-1 (U-1) Zoning District;
  • An ordinance (Zoning Atlas Amendment) to rezone a portion of the Horace Williams Tract to the University-1 (U-1) zoning district; and
  • An ordinance approving a Development Agreement for the Carolina North Development
Also attached for the Council’s consideration is a resolution directing the Town Manager to report back to the Council on a process that would implement a plan for continued public participation regarding the development of the first 800,000 square feet of floor area at Carolina North.

Fiscal Note:

Recommendations: That the Town Council enact the attached ordinances and adopt the attached resolution.

Viewing attachments may require Adobe Acrobat.
LUMO Text Amendment with edits
Development Agreement Exhibit A (clean copy)
Development Agreement (marked up copy)
Ordinance U-1 Zoning District
Ordinance Zoning Atlas Amendment
ZAA map
Ordinance Development Agreement