To:                   Members of the Special Committee to Consider Renaming of Airport Road


From:               Mayor Kevin Foy, Mayor Pro Tem Edith Wiggins, Council Member Sally Greene


Subject:            Schedule of Committee Meetings


Date:                October 13, 2004


We have made progress in selecting and negotiating with a potential facilitator for the work of the Special Committee to consider Renaming of Airport Road.  We will announce the selection as soon as a contract has been executed.


We also have made progress in determining the schedule of meetings for the Committee, working in consultation with our prospective facilitators.  We believe that the work of the Committee will benefit from concentrated effort.  The initial meetings of the Committee will be held in two full-day sessions on Friday, November 5 and Saturday, November 6.  The Committee will meet again for a half-day session on Saturday, November 20.  The Committee’s report to the Council will be presented at the December 6 regular meeting, at 7:00 p.m. in Town Hall.


It is important that Committee Members be able to attend all three sessions (November 5-6, November 20, and December 6).  The nature of the work that must be done requires full participation and continuity of effort.  It is not feasible to allow participation in only part of the Committee’s work process.  We ask you to commit now to attending all three sessions and to confirm your commitment by response to this e-mail message.  If you are not able to make such a commitment, please let us know immediately so that the Council will be able to appoint your replacement. 


We recognize that any schedule that we put forward likely will pose a problem for someone.  The schedule selected provides advance notice for all participants, adequate time for preparatory work by the facilitators, a reasonable period for the work of the Committee and a report to the Council by December as originally planned.  We hope that all of you will be able to commit to the schedule and participate in the work of the Committee.


Please respond to this notice no later than Thursday, October 14.


Thank you for your willingness to serve your community in this important and challenging work.