TO:                  W. Calvin Horton, Town Manager

FROM:            Kay Johnson, Finance Director

SUBJECT:       Proposal for a Revenue Enhancement and Fee Study  

DATE:             April 4, 2005


At the March 23, 2005 meeting of the Budget Review Advisory Committee, MAXIMUS, the Town’s budget consultant, presented their draft report which included a statement that certain Town fees were not based on the actual costs of delivering services.  The Budget Review Advisory Committee discussed the possibility of a fee study proposal.  Based on that discussion and at the Council’s request, MAXIMUS made the attached proposal.  The proposal is on the Council agenda for the April 5, 2005 business meeting.  


If the Council wished to benefit from the fee study for the 2005-06 fiscal year, it would need to authorize work to begin immediately for expected completion by mid-June.  In order to fund the study, the Council would need to authorize use of $38,155 from fund balance.




  1. MAXIMUS contract proposal, March 28, 2005.