TO:                   Mayor and Town Council


FROM:             Joyce A. Smith, Town Clerk


SUBJECT:        Nominations to Various Advisory Boards and Commissions


DATE:              September 13, 2004



Tonight, the Council may make nominations to fill vacancies on the Special Committee to Consider Renaming Airport Road, and Technology Committee.  Adoption of the attached resolution would nominate the current applicants.


Appointments to the Special Committee to Consider Renaming Airport Road, and are scheduled for tonight.


Appointments to the Technology Committee are scheduled for September 27, 2004.


Copies of the applications are attached.




WHEREAS, the applications for service on an advisory board or commission or other committees listed below have been received; and


WHEREAS, the applicants have been determined by the Town Clerk to be eligible to serve;


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the Town of Chapel Hill that the following names are placed in nomination to serve on an advisory board or commission:



Special Committee to Consider Renaming Airport Road

Virginia Barbee

William Barbee

Ralph Bass

Brenda Brown

W. Fitzhugh Brundage

Charles Carver

Yonni Chapman

George Cianciolo

Justin Coleman

Charles Collier, III

Janice Cosby

Mildred Council

Ernest Crawford

Stephen Cunningham

Mabel Curnow

Randall Curnow

Gordon DeFriese

Suzanne Dornsmith

Flora Dunbar

Michael Eisen

Carol Feddeman

Martin Feinstein

Anthony Fleg

Jesse Gibson

James Groot

Chris Harper

L. Gene Hatley

Joe Herzenberg

David Holdzhkom

Catherine Holland

Showchien Hsieh

Carolyn Ikenberry

Creighton Irons

Barbara Janeway

Tom Jensen

Bruce Johnson

Thomas Keyserling

David Kroninger

Denise Lanham

Melissa Lankford

Stephen Largent

Michelle Laws

Rachel Mandal

Anthony Martin

Diane McArthur

Mark McGrath

Mae McLendon

Sheila Mikhail

Ellen Faye Johnson Morgan

Billy Morgan

Aaron Nelson

Ashley Osment

Sjouk Overdyk

Frank Phoenix

Theresa Raphael-Grimm

Russell W. Ray

Ernest Roberts, Jr.

Aidan Smith

Stuart Solomon

Chuck Stone

Rita Thissen

J. Darren Thompson

A. John (Jack) Vogt

Todd Wielar


Technology Committee

Matt Hapgood



This the 13th day of September, 2004.