Town of Chapel Hill
Town Operations Center
Proposed Public Works Scope Modifications
Alternates: Preliminary Estimate
A-2:  Brine System Infrastructure 12,600
A-9:  Delete Surplus Storage Building (158,500)
A-11:  Delete Brushless Vehicle Wash Equipment and Building (199,000)
A-15   Reduce 1/2 of the Public Works Garage Storage Building (212,000)
Subtotal Alternates (556,900)
Proposed Preliminary Scope modifications:
1)    Revise Admin Building and shared spaces (160,755)
·        Per Drawing provided by CRZ (assign Cost 50/50)
2)    Revise the Metal Wall Panel Specification as follows: (133,381)
·        revise the exterior finish of the panel from an “XL” finish to Kynar 500
·        revise the exterior texture from smooth to embossed
·        reduce the thickness of the panels from 3” thick to 2” thick
·        reduce the gauge of the liner panels from 18 gauge to 22 gauge
·        reduce the gauge of metal roofing from 22 gauge to 24 gauge
3)    Eliminate all interior metal liner panels (60,000)
4)      Replace cast-iron waste, vent and roof leader piping with PVC piping. (32,300)
5)      Replace the in-line centrifugal exhaust fans with sidewall propeller type. (9,350)
6)      Provide a less expensive lighting fixture package. (7,714)
7)       Replace all rectangular fuel tanks with cylindrical tanks. (20,400)
8)    Replace Masonry Sitewall with vinyl-coated chainlink or metal picket fencing (modified A-13) (53,000)
9)    Substitute pressure treated wood for HDPE fencing (26,841)
10)    Paint one color for ceiling deck and joist (17,500)
11)    Replace Ground face CMU with smooth faced CMU (42,925)
12)    Remove Dens Glass at Soffits (10,948)
13)    Change cast stone cap to metal flashing at building parapet (9,466)
14)    Use galvanized bar grating in lieu of FRP on Floor Grates and Cat walks (12,696)
15)    Change Storm piping to PVC (11,576)
16)    Use 5/8" Type X gyp over metal deck, 2 layers of 2" Dow extruded polystyrene insulation, 60 mil JPS EP white roof membrane, mechanically attached in lieu of thermosplastic system specified and 2 layers of 2" Dow extruded polystyrene insulation under metal roofing. (109,810)
17)   Change all metal work to shop fabricated 24-guage with kynar finish (27,956)
18)   Fuel fill:  Delete auto fill ports, install typical remote fill cabinet, overfill  prevention valve and overfill alarm (20,000)
19)  Delete trapeze assembly - add one air reel and one electric reel in place  of each trapeze assembly (13,800)
Subtotal Scope Modifications (780,418)
Total Proposed Adjustments (1,337,318)