AGENDA #3a(3)


A Resolution Calling for New Federal Priorities



WHEREAS federal administration priorities and policies have led to de facto unfunded mandates on local governments, such as:



WHEREAS the war in Iraq is siphoning billions of dollars from the US economy and straining the fiscal health of our federal, state and local governments, and


WHEREAS no-bid contracts to major corporations for reconstruction in the southeast United States and Iraq undermine the trust of citizens in the integrity of government, and


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED  by the Mayor and (Town Council) (Board of Alderman) that (Council) (Board) hereby petitions the Bush Administration and Congress to end the war in Iraq, re-establish a progressive tax code, curtail favoritism toward corporate interests, develop responsible policies focused on renewable energy, and commit to priorities that reflect the common good.




Resolved this day of ________________ (date) and forwarded to:


George W. Bush, President, United States of America

_______________________ US Senate

_______________________ US Senate

_______________________ US Congress



[Appropriate signatures]