TO:                Mayor and Town Council


FROM:          Sustainability, Energy and Environment Committee

                                    Council Member Bill Strom

Council Member  Dorothy Verkerk

Council Member Jim Ward


SUBJECT:     Green Infrastructure Bond


DATE:           June 9, 2003



This memorandum forwards the Sustainability, Energy and Environment Committee’s recommendations on the potential scope of a “Green Infrastructure Bond” this fall.




On April 28, 2003, the Council received a petition from the Sustainability, Energy and Environment Committee and directed the Town Manager to develop a report about the feasibility and financial aspects of a 2003 “Green Infrastructure Bond.” On May 28, the Town Council reviewed a report from the Manager with cost estimates (please see Attachment 1). At the meeting, the Council also discussed a report responding to a petition requesting that the staff assess the streetscape along Rosemary Street and consider future improvements in this area.


The Council voted to refer the Green Infrastructure Bond proposal to the Council Committee on Sustainability, Energy and Environment in order to refine the list of potential bond projects and return with a revised total bond package cost. The Council also requested that the Committee consider including downtown streetscape improvements funding in the Green Infrastructure Bond. The Committee met on Thursday, June 5, 2003.  Council Member Ed Harrison also attended the meeting.




The Green Infrastructure Bond proposal would implement several of the Council’s top goals for 2003 to implement the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, as unanimously adopted by the Council on February 24, 2003.  These “highest priority” goals include bicycle and pedestrian facilities and greenways and open space.  The Green Infrastructure Bond also would:








The Committee agreed to recommend the following revised list of Green Infrastructure Bond projects and funding levels for the Council’s consideration:



Preliminary Cost Estimate


Recommended Revisions - SEE Committee


Construction Costs for 50% of Sidewalk Priorities



Construction Costs for 50% of Greenway Plans



Funds to Establish an Energy Bank



Upgrades in Pedestrian Amenities



Open Space Purchases



Neighborhood, Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Improvements



(Added) Downtown Streetscape Improvements







The Committee recommends the Council discuss this recommendation tonight and schedule consideration for the Council’s June 23, 2003 meeting.





1.            May 28, 2003 Memorandum to Council: Potential Green Infrastructure Bond (p. 3).

2.            Major Capital Bond Projects, Status Report: Ongoing 1996 Bond Projects (Excerpt from 2003-04 Recommended Budget) (p.13).