Mayor and Town Council


Roger L. Stancil, Town Manager


Parking Recommendations


March 16, 2009


The purpose of this memorandum is to provide my thoughts on the recommendations of the Downtown Partnership regarding parking.


Tonight, the Council considers Parking Recommendations offered by the Downtown Partnership. These recommendations seem to be consistent with the past Parking Citizens Committee and the current recommendations from the Parking Study. The original recommendations of the Partnership came close to balancing the revenues and expenditures of the recommendations, requiring no subsidy to implement.  The recommendations have been changed in the last few weeks and now generate a deficit of $112,254. This gap would need to be subsidized from some source.  While I generally agree our goal should be to manage our parking as an economic development asset rather than a revenue source, I am concerned that this weak and uncertain economic climate is not the appropriate time to create an additional burden on some other Town revenue source.  To better understand how this recommendation fits with the entire system of Town revenues and expenditures, I would like to have some time to review the recommendations and provide some options for Council consideration.


I recommend that the Council consider adopting the attached resolution regarding the Parking Recommendations and that those without revenue and expenditure could be considered (Recommendations 1-2, 4-6).  I recommend that Council refer Recommendation #3 to the Town Manager for review and recommendation of options to minimize the requirement for a subsidy from other Town sources.  These options can be presented during the Town budget discussions.