Mayor and Town Council


 Council Member Cam Hill and Council Member Jim Ward

Downtown Parking Citizens Committee


Downtown Parking Citizens Committee - Report to the Town Council


February 26, 2007




We are pleased to transmit to the Town Council the work of the Downtown Parking Citizens Committee for your consideration.  The purpose of this report is to review and identify key issues of concern within the current downtown parking system, as well as highlight recommended goals, objectives, and potential strategies/actions, in accordance with the proposed guiding principles, needed to achieve an effective and efficient parking plan.




The Chapel Hill Town Council established the Downtown Parking Citizens Committee on May 8, 2006 (2006-05-08/R-14 attached); and subsequently made appointments to the Committee.  The Committee began its work in September 2006, and meetings continued until January 31, 2007.  Membership included Town Council Members; owners and operators of downtown businesses; residents of nearby neighborhoods; citizens who shop, work, or visit downtown; and representatives from the Transportation Board, Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Partnership, and University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.


Charge of the Committee



June 2006

Appoint Downtown Parking Citizens Committee

July 2006

Begin Committee work

Fall 2006

Include opportunity for public comment

January 2007

Provide draft report to the Town Council

February 2007

Hold Council Work Session on draft report

March 2007

Conduct Council public hearing on draft report

June 2007

Consider Council adoption of Downtown Parking Implementation Plan




In accordance with the Committee’s Charge, our report to the Town Council accomplishes the following:


1.      Review of Current Parking. This report reviews the current parking situation downtown, as well as the parking management system and operation of downtown parking. The report reviews:


2.      Guiding Principles. The Committee developed a set of proposed guiding principles that would establish the mission of Chapel Hill’s downtown parking system. These principles reflect a parking system that considers downtown parking as an economic development tool, and as, such is aimed at creating feasible and accessible parking for all, making the most positive experience for parking customers, and encouraging both new customers and old to conduct business downtown.  The principles stress management of parking as a system.


3.      Issues Identified.  The report identifies numerous issues that are needed in order to implement a successful parking plan. In accordance with the guiding principles for parking, these issues mark areas for improvement, including:


4.      Recommended Implementation Plan.  After identifying the issues and needs of downtown parking, the Report to Town Council recommends an implementation plan. As parking is a system, the recommended management strategies are meant to be the first actions to be taken, followed by an evaluation and assessment of their effectiveness.  The recommended strategies/actions reflect an ideal parking system, and a wide range of possible management tools marked at improving downtown parking for all. Long-term assessments of parking demand and supply and the need for additional parking infrastructure, should only be regarded as tools for improving the parking system following the use of all potential management strategies. 




We request the Council receive the report, and refer it to staff to review the report recommendations, and report back to the Council on March 26, 2007.



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