Notice to people with impaired hearing: Interpreter services and/or special equipment are available with five days prior notice.

Notice to citizens who wish to speak: As a courtesy to others, a citizen speaking on an agenda item or making a petition is normally limited to three minutes. Persons who are organizing a group presentation and who wish to speak beyond the three minute limit are requested to make prior arrangements through the Mayor’s Office by calling 968-2714. If you wish to address the Council this evening, please go to the front right corner of the Council Chamber and sign up with the Town Clerk. Please note the estimated times allotted for agenda items are only estimates. The Council may also change the order in which agenda items are presented.

Agenda items for review: Agenda items are available on the Town’s web site,, by 12 noon on Friday before a Council meeting. Citizens may request copies of agenda items in the Town Clerk’s Office at 968-2743 or may view them at the Reference Desk in the Chapel Hill Public Library (100 Library Drive).

Cablecast of Council Meetings: All Council meetings are cablecast on Time Warner Cable of Chapel Hill Channel 18 at 7:00 p.m. and are rebroadcast at 9:00 a.m. the morning after the night meeting. Generally, the meetings are also cablecast on Durham Cable Vision Channel 8 at 1:00 p.m. on the Friday following the Council meeting.

Chapel Hill Town Council Agenda

Monday, January 28, 2008

7:00 p.m.

*Revised January 24, 2008

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Town Council Regular Business Meeting

Agenda Item

  1. Ceremonies: State of the Town Address.
  2. *Public Hearing: The Estates at Old Oxford Subdivision – Application for Preliminary Plat Approval (Without objection, the Manager’s preliminary report and any other materials submitted at the hearing for consideration by the Council will be entered into the record.) (Staff Presenter: Kendall Brown, Senior Planner) [Estimated Time: 30 minutes] (Deferred from January 23, 2008)

    Received-Return 02-25-08

    1. Swearing of persons wishing to present evidence
    2. Introduction and recommendation by the Manager
    3. Presentation of evidence by the applicant
    4. Presentation of evidence by citizens
    5. Comments and questions from the Mayor and Town Council
    6. Applicant statement regarding proposed conditions
    7. Motion to recess Public Hearing to February 25, 2008
    8. Referral to Manager and Attorney.
  3. Petitions by citizens and announcements by Council members. [Estimated Time: 15 Minutes]
    1. Petitions by citizens on items not on the agenda.
      1. Chapel Hill Garden Club regarding the 7th Biennial Chapel Hill Spring Garden Tour.

        Received and Referred-Return 02-11-08

      2. Petition regarding Membership Composition on the Historic District Commission.


      3. Nerys Levy, Chairman of the Community Dinner Committee requesting support of the Annual Community Dinner.


      4. NAACP and the Community Church regarding support for a state historical marker commemorating the 1947 “freedom rides”.

        Adopted R-0.1

    2. Petitions by citizens on items on the agenda.
    3. Announcements by Council members.
  4. Consent agenda: action items (R-1). (Any item may be removed for separate discussion or scheduled at the next regular business meeting.) [Estimated Time: 10 minutes]

    Adopted R-1 as Amended

    1. Nominations to various boards and committees (R-2).
    2. Expedited Review of Wesley Foundation Campus (R-3).
    3. A Resolution Supporting an EPA Grant Application for the Bolin Creek Watershed Restoration Project and Authorizing Town Participation if Grant is Awarded (R-4).
    4. Consideration of Memorandum of Understanding for the Orange County Partnership to End Chronic Homelessness (R-5).
    5. Resolution Granting Extension of Lease of Property to Siena Hotel (R-6).
    6. Resolution Authorizing Representatives to Enter into Banking Transactions (R-7).
    7. Resolution to Amend Council Calendar (R-8).
    8. Resolution Authorizing the Mayor to request a Fee Waiver from Duke Energy for Town Solar Energy Projects with “Buy All/Sell All” Metering (R-9).
  5. Information items. (Any item may be removed for separate discussion at the end of the Council meeting.) [Estimated Time: 15 minutes]

    All Reports Accepted, except 5d to Return-TBD

    1. Human Services Advisory Board Annual Needs Report.
    2. Update on Lincoln Arts Center.
    3. Response to a Petition Regarding Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Other Safety Improvements at traffic signals in Downtown to be Included as part of the Traffic Signal System Upgrade Project.
    4. Response to a Petition requesting a Citizen’s Advisory Group for Old Chapel Hill Cemetery.
    5. Response to a Petition Requesting Options for Parking Spaces for Tenants of the Courtyard.
Main Discussion
  1. Presentation on the Downtown Initiative Public Art Master Plan for Lot 5. (Presenter: Mikyoung Kim) [Estimated Time: 30 minutes]

    Report Accepted

  2. Status of 2006-2007 Construction Plan. (Staff Presenter: David Bonk, Long Range and Transportation Coordinator) [Estimated Time: 20 minutes]

    Report Accepted-Return 02-25-08

  3. Appointments: [Estimated Time: 5 minutes]

    Appointments Made

    1. Justice in Action Committee.
    2. Orange County Solid Waste Advisory Board.
    3. Planning Board.
  4. Petitions: [Estimated Time: 10 minutes]
    1. By the Mayor and Council Members.
      1. Council Memeber Thorpe regarding Council Liaisons to the Justice in Action Committee

        Appointments Made

      2. Council Member Kleinschmidt regarding Fire Safey Measures outside Urban Service Boundary

        Received and Referred-Return 01-30-08

    2. By the Manager and Attorney.
  5. Reserved for discussion of consent agenda items if necessary.
  6. Request for closed session to discuss property acquisition, personnel, and litigation matters.

    Entered Closed Session