Wednesday, April 8, 2009

5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Chapel Hill Transit Department Training Room
6900 Millhouse Road

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Carolina North: Town Council Work Session

  1. Welcome and Introductory Remarks by Mayor Kevin Foy
  2. Overview of Meeting Objectives and Agenda by David Owens, School of Government
  3. Overview of documents received by David Owens
    1. Draft Land Use Management Ordinance Text Amendment [March 31, 2009] (106 KB pdf)
    2. Draft Development Agreement [March 31, 2009] (1.3 MB pdf)
    3. Comparison of statements in the Horace William’s Citizen Report and the proposed Draft Land Use Management Ordinance Text Amendment, Draft Development Agreement and Carolina North Design Guidelines [April 7, 2009]
  4. Overview of Long Range Transit Plan and Transportation Impact Analysis
    1. Report on Chapel Hill Long Range Transit Plan and It’s Relationship with the Transportation Impact Analysis by Steve Spade, Transit Director
    2. Report on Transportation Impact Analysis by Kumar Neppalli, Engineering Services Manager
  5. Review of Group I Issues: Scale of Development Approved; Uses Permitted; Mix of Uses; Housing; Preservation of Open Space and Natural Areas; Stormwater Utility; Transportation, Transit, Parking, Streets, Sidewalks; Fiscal Impacts; Energy Conservation, and Carbon Credits by David Owens
  6. Discussion of Group II Issues: Water Use, Reuse and Reclamation; Design Standards and Public Art; Police/Fire/EMS Services and Facilities; Public Schools; Recreation Areas; Greenways; Historic and Cultural Features; Solid Waste Management; Landfill Remediation; Stream Buffers; Trees and Landscaping; Sedimentation; Neighboring Lands, Compatibility, Buffers; Noise; Lighting by David Owens

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