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Meeting Date: 10/19/2009

Title of Agenda Item: Concept Plan: Inter-Faith Council Community House Men's Shelter. (R-1)

a. General Introduction
b. Presentation by the applicant
c. Comments from the Community Design Commission
d. Comments from citizens
e. Comments and questions from the Mayor and Town Council
f.  Resolution transmitting Council comments to the applicant.

Background: Tonight's review affords Council members the opportunity to react to the concept before a formal development application is submitted. In accordance with the Land Use Management Ordinance, there has been no staff review of this concept plan.

Fiscal Note: Fiscal impact not determined.

Recommendations: That the Council review the attached cover memorandum from the Town Manager and adopt the attached resolution, transmitting comments to the applicant for the Concept Plan for Inter-Faith Council Community House Men's Shelter.

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Concept Plan Review
Community Design Commission Summary Minutes
J. Walker Citizen Letter
Response from C. Moran
Citizen Emails
Concept Plan Application
Northern Area Task Force Report
Land Use, Zoning, Aerial, and Area Maps
1b-Men's Shelter-Chen Email
1b-Men's Shelter-Community House Applicant Presentation
1b-Men's Shelter-CoyneSmith Presentation 10-19-09
1b-Men's Shelter-Dziedzic Email
1b-Men's Shelter-Geis Email
1b-Men's Shelter-IFC Town's Powerpoint
1b-Men's Shelter-Presentation
1b-Men's Shelter-Questions and Responses about Community House
1b-Men's Shelter-Relocation Talking Points
1b-Men's Shelter-Tang Email
1b-Men's Shelter-Walters Email
1b-Men's Shelter-Who are the Homeless
1b-Men's Shelter-Yonuschot Email