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Town of Chapel Hill
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Executive Summary

Meeting Date: 04-20-2009
Time:                    7:00 PM



Title of Agenda Item:  Public Hearing: Land Use Management Ordinance Text Amendment Recreation Requirements and Payments in Lieu

Background:  The attached staff memorandum includes background information on a proposed Land Use Management Ordinance text amendment regarding various changes to Section 5.5. The proposed changes, if enacted, would result in clarifications, changes in methods for requiring payments in lieu of dedicated recreation space and recreation area, additional options and requirements related to the Greenways Commission and Greenways, and new definitions for Recreation Area and Recreation Space.

The attached resolution would also postpone a planned Public Hearing dealing with non-residential recreation requirements from June 15, 2009 until October 19, 2009.

[See also the attached Manager’s cover memorandum.]

Fiscal Note: We believe that some of the changes proposed in the Land Use Management Ordinance will have a fiscal impact.  We expect that changes related to requiring payments in lieu of recreation space and recreation area would generate additional revenues that could be used for capital level recreation projects and renovations. 

Staff Recommendation(s):  That the Council open the Public Hearing and receive comment regarding the attached Ordinance to amend various sections of Article 5.5 of the Land Use Management Ordinance and associated definitions.

The Staff also recommends that the Council adopt the attached resolution that would postpone the Public Hearing scheduled for June 15, 2009 to a public hearing date on October 19, 2009. This public hearing is to consider language related to requiring recreation space requirements for non-residential development that is proposed in the form of Special Use Permit applications.

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