TO:                    Mayor and Town Council


FROM:              W. Calvin Horton, Town Manager


SUBJECT:         Fourth Annual Status Report on Comprehensive Plan “Action Plan”


DATE:               November 10, 2003



Tonight we bring a report to the Town Council describing the status of Implementation Actions related to the Comprehensive Plan (see Attachment 1).




The Town Council adopted a new Comprehensive Plan on May 8, 2000.  A key feature of the plan was an emphasis on implementation. On May 12, 2003, the Council adopted an updated Action Plan, with priorities established for each recommended action (see Attachment 2).  The updated Action Plan resulted from Council’s January 2003 retreat and subsequent adoption of 2003 Council goals on February 24, 2003.


This is our fourth annual report reviewing the status of actions. Prior reports were submitted to the Council in October 2000, 2001, and 2002.  This report provides a brief overview of the status of key projects.


As the result of Council’s 2003 retreat and adoption of 2003 goals, we are also reporting to the Council quarterly on the details of progress in achieving the current-year goals.




The first category of priority in the updated Action Plan is called “Short Term Actions: 0-2 Years.”  We have prepared a Status Report on all of the action items that are listed in this category, and include it here as Attachment 1.


The Comprehensive Plan establishes target dates for accomplishing the Short Term Actions.  The Status Report offers a brief description of what is happening with respect to the actions. Where no action has occurred to date, we propose a method of proceeding, so that projects scheduled for 2003 could be addressed or underway by the end of the calendar year, December 31, 2003.







The Council’s two highest priority projects for 2003, the Northside Neighborhood Conservation District, and the initiation of a Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan are underway.


We note that a number of action items involve revision to the Town’s Land Use Management Ordinance.  A report on proposed changes is scheduled for November 2003, with a public hearing to be scheduled for January 2004.


Other upcoming milestones include:


·        January 2004:  Publication of the 2004 Data Book and Community Indicators.

·        March 2004: Submittal of the Preliminary Capital Improvements Program.

·        March 2004: Submittal of the Third Annual Growth Management Report.

·        June 2004: Council adoption of a 2004-05 Budget and 2004-19 Capital Improvements Program, reflecting consideration of budget-related recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan.




This report provides the status of implementation.  We will continue to work on ongoing implementation measures, and propose new initiatives as opportunities arise.


We anticipate continuing to submit an update of this report to the Town Council annually in the fall of each year.




1.                  Fourth Annual Action Plan Status Report, November 10, 2003 (p. 3).

2.                  May 12, 2003 Comprehensive Plan, “Action Plan:  Summary” (p. 7).