Notice to people with impaired hearing: Interpreter services and/or special equipment are available with five days prior notice.

Notice to citizens who wish to speak: As a courtesy to others, a citizen speaking on an agenda item or making a petition is normally limited to three minutes. Persons who are organizing a group presentation and who wish to speak beyond the three minute limit are requested to make prior arrangements through the Mayor’s Office by calling 968-2714. If you wish to address the Council this evening, please go to the front right corner of the Council Chamber and sign up with the Town Clerk. Please note the estimated times allotted for agenda items are only estimates. The Council may also change the order in which agenda items are presented.

Agenda items for review: Agenda items are available on the Town’s web site,, by 12 noon on Friday before a Council meeting. Citizens may request copies of agenda items in the Town Clerk’s Office at 968-2743 or may view them at the Reference Desk in the Chapel Hill Public Library (100 Library Drive).

Cablecast of Council Meetings: All Council meetings are cablecast on Time Warner Cable of Chapel Hill Channel 18 at 7:00 p.m. and are rebroadcast at 9:00 a.m. the morning after the night meeting. Generally, the meetings are also cablecast on Durham Cable Vision Channel 8 at 1:00 p.m. on the Friday following the Council meeting.

Chapel Hill Town Council Agenda

Monday, May 8, 2006

*Revised Friday, May 5, 20006

7:00 pm

Town Council Regular Business Meeting

Estimated Time

Agenda Item


  1. Ceremonies:

    1. Greenway Commission Open Space Awards.

  1. Public Hearings: None


  1. Petitions by citizens and announcements by Council members.

    1. Petitions by citizens on items not on the agenda.

      1. Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership re The Giving Kiosk, an Alternative to Panhandling.

      2. Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board re Pedestrian/Motorist Safety Education.

      3. Brian Sanders re Delay of Coker Hills Neighborhood Conservation District.

      4. *Orange County Economic Development Commission re Appointment of Council Members to Serve on the Commission.

      5. *Elders for Peace at Carol Woods re Resolution Calling for Impeachment of President George W. Bush.

      6. *First Baptist Church and Manley Estates Board of Directors re Exclusion of Property from Overlay District.

    2. Petitions by citizens on items on the agenda.

    3. Announcements by Council members.


  1. Consent agenda: action items (R-1). (Any item may be removed for separate discussion at the end of the Council meeting.)

    1. Nominations to various boards and committees (R-2).

    2. Authorization to Join Cooperative Purchasing Agreement (R-3).

    3. Proposed Extension of Boundary for Downtown Service District (R-4).

    4. Parks and Recreation Budget Ordinance for Operation of the Homestead Park Skate Park in FY 2005-2006 (O-1).

    5. Authorization to Execute Agreement with the North Carolina Department of Transportation for the Dry Creek Trail Project (R-5, O-2).

    6. Response to Petition regarding Expedited Review for Silver LEED Certified Developments (R-6).

    7. Request from YMCA for Construction Time Limit Extension Request (R-7a, b).

    8. Request for Expedited Processing of a Special Use Permit Modification Application for the Orange Water and Sewer Authority Mason Farm Wastewater Treatment Plant Reclaimed Water System (R-8).

    9. Endorsement of 2006 Annual Report for the Schools Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (R-9).

    10. Extension of Time to Negotiate a Development Agreement with Ram Development (R-10).

    11. Correction of Ordinance regarding “No Through Trucks” Signs on Ransom Street (O-3).

    12. Street Closing for NCAA Baseball Regional Tournament (R-11).


  1. Information items. (Any item may be removed for separate discussion at the end of the Council meeting.)

    1. 2005-2006 Third Quarterly Report.

    2. Quarterly Report on Council Goals.

    3. Orange Water and Sewer Authority Quarterly Report.

    4. Orange Water and Sewer Authority Water Supply Advisory.

    5. Orange Community Housing Land Trust Quarterly Report.

    6. Deleted.

    7. Response to Citizen Petition regarding 100 Chase Avenue.


  1. Potential Legislative Requests (R-12).


  1. Land Use Management Ordinance Text Amendment to Add Provisions to Payment-in-Kind on Affordable Housing (O-4).


  1. Draft 2006-2007 Durham-Chapel Hill-Carrboro Planning Work Program (R-13).


  1. Resolution Establishing Charge and Composition of Downtown Parking Citizens Committee (R-14).


  1. Appointments:

    1. Community Design Commission

    2. Historic District Commission.

    3. Planning Board.

    4. Transportation Board.


  1. Petitions:

    1. By the Mayor and Council Members.

      1. Petition Requesting Extension of Solid Waste Advisory Board Member Term (Mayor Pro tem Strom).

    2. By the Manager and Attorney.

  1. Reserved for discussion of consent agenda items if necessary.

  1. Request for closed session to discuss property acquisition, personnel, and litigation matters.